...because one size does not fit all

Our Approach

ADVISORS offers a wide range of Consulting Services for government agencies, private sector and international organizations, either directly or as a subcontractor for international consulting or engineering firms.

Our services aim at helping organizations achieve some of their strategic objectives, or face some challenges, often both, with a focus on sustainable impact due to our focus on knowledge transfer and capacity building. We consider ourselves successful when our client does not need our services anymore and is self-supporting.

ADVISORS brings some of the international knowledge authorities, along with seasoned regional experts, augmented with a pool of expats and local resources.

Our services cover both organizational development, operational excellence and portfolio management, utilizing over 15 international and tested frameworks so as not to reinvent the wheel, including some of our proprietary successful and tested frameworks. 

Every organization is different and no one size fits all, so we customize for every single engagement.

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