Strategy Implementation Professional - SIP®

"You can outsource the crafting of the strategy but NOT its implementation."

~Antonio-Nieto Rodriguez & Robin Sepculand

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez
Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez

Workshop Overview

We are becoming worse at strategy implementation, not better! The diagrams below are based on research showing how for 17 years the failure rate has started to rise. Part of the challenge is that the current generation of leaders has been taught how to plan and not how to implement, as reflected in the high strategy implementation failure rate.

Every participant studying a business degree is taught strategy but very few are taught how to implement it. This has created a skills gap among leaders that the Institute is filling. As the Economist published recently, "Lifelong learning is becoming an economic imperative"*.

"90 percent of businesses fail to reach their strategic goals, which researchers believe is due to a gap between strategic planning and execution." *

~Harvard Business Review

ADVISORS is an APMG International Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for Strategy Implementation Professional - SIP®

Delivered over 21 hours, either in-person (classroom), or live virtual instructor-led (VILT) Training

Content is available in both English and Arabic
Strategy Implementation Professional - SIP®  exam is available in English

“Implementation is transformation from the core. Change management is transformation around the core.”

~Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez & Robin Speculand (co-Founders of the Strategy Implementation Institute)

Learning Objectives

Certification validates an individual's competencies to perform in the role of strategy implementation. It enables individuals to:

  1. Understand the challenges of implementation
  2. Adopt a roadmap to guide an organization through the implementation journey
  3. Develop the skills and tools to be an implementation specialist
  4. Understand how to lead and direct a strategy team
  5. Avoid the common pitfalls that cause more implementations to fail than succeed
  6. Identify what will work (and won't work) for your organization
  7. Receive the electronic copy of the Strategy Implementation Body of Knowledge (SIBoK)
  8. Become a contributor to the living Strategy Implementation Body of Knowledge (SIBoK)
  9. Acquire a globally recognized certification and be recognized by your peers
  10. Join, participate in and contribute to a community of implementation specialists
  11. Add Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP) after your name 

Course Content

The seven-course module is open to everyone that wants to develop further in their careers and wants to learn the fundamentals, best practices, and key tools about strategy implementation. It is based on the institute's body of knowledge (SIBoK), the Strategy Implementation Roadmap (SIR) that provides a step-by-step guide on "how" to implement strategy - see chart below. It covers the key areas an implementation professional needs to know and outlines the required skills. 

The course is based on years of experience as practitioners, authors and teachers. It is designed to blend learning from presentations, articles, and videos. The course includes best practices and tools such as the Balanced Scorecard, Harvard Business Review, and free resources from leading international consultancies

Strategy Implementation Roadmap - SIR is circular as you can start anywhere. It consists of the seven components required to be successful in strategy implementation. The components make up the modules for the SIP workshop

  1. Understand the challenges of implementation 
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the implementation 
  3. Apply the seven modules of the Strategy Implementation Roadmap 
  4. Comprehension of the four phases - crafting, embedding, executing and sustaining 
  5. The course is based on the Strategy Implementation Roadmap and the Strategy Implementation Body of Knowledge (SIBoK)

Who Should Attend

The course and certification are open to anyone that wishes to enhance their strategy implementation knowledge and skills. They are particularly relevant to:

  • Middle managers looking to enhance their implementation skills 
  • Leaders responsible for implementing strategy and improving the business performance 
  • Project managers looking to complement their capabilities with strategy implementation skills 
  • Individuals looking to improve themselves to create new opportunities 
  • People who are passionate about strategy implementation 
  • Organizations that are looking to give their employees the right skills to successfully implement strategies 

Exam Format

  • Online Only
  • Multiple choice format
  • 70 questions
  • 60 minutes duration
  • 70% pass mark (49/70)  
  • Closed-book

  • Custom Learning

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