The Region's First

Project Management Postgraduate Diploma

"If project managers are effective at being able to get the job done, then they
are viewed very positively
within the organization and BE in DEMAND"

~Norm Fgeldheim, Senior VP and CIO - Qualcomm | PMI Pulse of the Profession®

Welcome to PMD 2.0 Program!

The same advisors who innovatively founded one of the most successful project management programs in the region just outperformed themselves by launching an affordable, time-efficient and a rigid full program for project managers and aspirants in this field.

Our graduates can advance in their jobs, open their own businesses, or have more advanced careers. This is one milestone for them to fast-track into senior decision-making positions within the Project Management discipline.

~Dr. Saadi Adra
Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ADVISORS

About PMD 2.0

Advisors for strategy, consulting, and education services engineered PMD 2.0 based on new
market demands in order to provide a valuable learning experience that offers a true competitive
edge: We incorporated the views and perspectives of our audience for a shorter, more affordable,
and a complete program for Project Managers.

Why Join PMD 2.0?

1. Career advancement and change.
2. Entrepreneurship/ Start-up potential.
3. Exposure to Cutting- Edge Knowledge, experts in the field, and practical experience.
4. Networking with professionals across industries.
5. PMD 2.0 is what you need to be in high demand!

Saleh El Khazen - PMD Alumnus
Saleh El Khazen - PMD Alumnus

Optimum return
on Invested Time

"One of the biggest challenges for professionals like me is finding the time out of a very busy schedule to enroll in a valuable program. Investing 3 days per month is a great alternative to a full-time program."

~Saleh El Khazen | Project Manager & Entrepreneur

Value for Investment

"After I finished the diploma, I wanted to advance my career and enhance my exposure through a quality program that would not be financially burdensome. SKEMA provided great value for money and helped me achieve my goals in anenjoyable manner."

Zena Sadaka | Senior Business Systems Analyst and Project

Zena Sadaka - PMD Alumna
Zena Sadaka - PMD Alumna

Dr. Amer A. Chahine - PMD Alumnus
Dr. Amer A. Chahine - PMD Alumnus


Investing in quality education is never a waste of time or money, especially for seniors. The criteria I was interested in were academic accreditation and international recognition. After the PMD, I completed an EMBA with SKEMA. I'm now gladly going to earn my DBA as well.

~Dr. Amer A. Chahine | Dentist, Engineer, and Project Manager.


The PMD was a key milestone that enabled me to join the Executive MBA program at SKEMA. Both programs offered me a highly rewarding life-changing experience. I built an international network, developed my
capabilities, and earned great exposure. I'm happy to now belong to an elite group in high demand.

~Inaya Haydar | Executive Director and Project Manager

Inaya Haydar - PMD Alumna & Our Star Ambassador
Inaya Haydar - PMD Alumna & Our Star Ambassador

If you're a professional
in one of the following industries,
then PMD 2.0 is for you.

The Program

6 Modules / 21 Hours per Module

Module 1

Leadership and Team Management

Key Learning Outcomes

Acquire a complete skill set to be an efficient and successful leader and to manage teamwork on any project or endeavor

Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Identify and Understand own leadership practices
  • Understand Strategy & Alignment in Execution
  • Develop approach to optimize strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • Plan more productive days
  • Improve Goal-Setting through activities
  • Assess situation for timely ethical decisions
  • Plan for Better Team Member Development
  • Appraise and Choose ways to motivate team
  • Develop Comprehensive Leadership Plan Development

Module 2

Business Analysis: A Project Perspective

Key Learning Outcomes

Learn how to manage and elicit the right requirements for better stakeholder satisfaction

Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Discuss Fundamental Business Analysis Concepts
  • Understand the Roles of A Business Analyst and Project Manager and Distinguish Between Them
  • Analyze Factors That Lead To Separating or Combining Business Analyst and Project Manager Roles
  • Develop a Business Case for the Project
  • Practice Developing Requirement Management Plan
  • Identify and Analyze Stakeholders
  • Select Appropriate Techniques for Eliciting Stakeholders Requirements
  • Understand How to Trace and Monitor Requirements in The Execution Phase

Module 3

Applied Project Management

Key Learning Outcomes

Develop a full project management plan, while managing your project successfully in terms of cost, time, Scope and quality

Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Understand and Practice Applying the Project Planning Framework
  • Develop a Project Charter
  • Identify and analyze project stakeholders
  • Break down project deliverables into manageable items
  • Estimate activities duration and develop project schedule
  • Estimate costs and develop realistic budget
  • Understand quality process to fulfill stakeholder requirements
  • Map deliverable with project roles and set authorities
  • Practice managing project risks in a simple, yet comprehensive method

Module 4

Transformational Change Management

Key Learning Outcomes

Understand and apply the main tools of transformational change management and learning its impact on the organization

Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Recognize pitfalls for change and avoid them
  • Develop a Full Impact Assessment for Changes in the Organization
  • Evaluate a change management plan
  • Categorize stakeholders, classify them, and choose a communication strategy for each category
  • Acquire some tools for measuring impact of change
  • Learn tools for sustaining change and acquiring business value
  • Acquire the knowledge required to leading a change initiative from its early steps to value realization

Module 5

Stakeholder Management and Conflict Resolution

Key Learning Outcomes

Equip participants with the needed techniques to manage stakeholder engagement throughout the project and resolve potential conflicts.

Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Learn and practice how to deal with multiple stakeholders in complex projects
  • Understand how to manage stakeholder expectations, including quality and performance expectations
  • Develop Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the public
  • Practice communicating with a variety of diverse stakeholders through role-plays and scenarios
  • Resolve competing expectations and manage issues and changes.
  • Manage project and organizational politics, while resolving possible emerging conflicts

Module 6

Managing Risks in Projects

Key Learning Outcomes

Detailed Learning Objectives

  • Understand what are risks and key risk management concepts
  • Know how to identify, analyze and plan for risk responses
  • Utilize various quantitative and qualitative tools and techniques for risk analysis
  • Monitor and report risks and their status

PMD History

Flashback to the launching of the program at the American University of Beirut in 2013

PMD 2.0 History

Flashback to the launching of the program in collaboration with SKEMA Business School in 2016

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This program can be delivered to corporates, and also as public cohort for a minimum of 16 participants in a live virtual or face-to-face environment.

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