SFIA® Skills and Competencies Framework

Joint Collaboration

ADVISORS is a local provider in the gulf and MENA region for content and delivery in both Arabic and English. ADVISORS is also a solution integrator and partner with SkillsTx. Bringing together the top experts, and solution founders directly from the source to perform a joint customized implementation for our clients.

SkillsTx provides data driven Skills Management solutions for organizations by providing an automated solutions to easily exploit the use of the Global SFIA. SkillsTx have the most experienced SFIA consultants across the globe. The team include members of the SFIA Council, and the Global SFIA design authority. Using an innovation award winner platform has won used to perform thousands of assessments.

About SFIA

  • SFIA is a global framework and reference for skills and competencies for the digital world
  • Has over 30 years proven track-record
  • Built by the industry for the industry, not by theoreticians
  • Built around a simple model of seven levels of responsibility - universally applicable
  • Used by public or private sector, large and small
  • SFIA v8 describes over 120 professional skills
  • Used by over 50K users in almost 200 countries
  • Available in Arabic and many other global languages

In recent studies according to

71% of CIOs report skill gaps will affect their business

75% of organizations will experience visible business disruption caused by skill gaps

70% of employees have not mastered the skills they need for their jobs today

80% of employees do not have the skills needed for their current and future roles

51% of employees are actively looking for a new job

The #1 risk facing organizations is talent shortage

Only 2 in 10 organisations are taking tangible action with 100% recognizing they need

Yesterday vs. Today Skills

  • Programming
  • Analysis/Design
  • Operations
  • Support
  • Management

  • Innovation
  • Transformation
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Digital Skills...

The Vital Ingredients of Skills and Competencies Framework

  1. Implementing a consistent competency (skills) framework
  2. Knowing what skills you have against the framework
  3. Knowing what skills you need now and into the future
  4. Performing a Skills Gap Analysis
  5. Designing career development actions plans

What skills do we have and What skills do we need?

The Structure of SFIA 8

  • 121 skills, each described at up to 7 levels
  • 495 skill-level descriptions
  • Grouped into 6 categories

  • 7 levels of responsibility
  • 5 characteristics / attributes of generic responsibility, each described at 7 levels

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