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Strategy Implementation Professional (SIP®)

The current generation of leaders have been taught how to plan but not how to implement. High strategy implementation failure rates are driving the need for leaders to enhance their abilities and skillset to successfully implement their strategies.

Managing Benefits™ Foundation

Always start with the end "Benefit" in mind! Governments and organizations aim at realizing Values and Strategies by focusing on outcomes and benefits realization, rather than just outputs and deliverables.

Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP®)

Data-driven decisions lead to better decisions and unearth a wealth of possibilities. The Enterprise Big Data Framework Alliance is on a mission to develop and educate the world on Big Data Best Practices.

SFIA® Skills and Competencies Framework for the Digital Age

SFIA is an the industry-led framework for the digital world, it defines the skills and competencies required by professionals who design, develop, implement, manage and protect the data and technology that powers the digital world.

Managing Troubled Projects

International statistics show that 2/3 of all projects face various levels of trouble.

The good news is that the same statistics show that 75% of all troubled projects can be recovered - this is almost half of all of our projects, conditioned we attempt to recover them properly. This is why the knowledge and process in this course is so vital, for all types of projects.

Portfolio Management Approach for Vision Realization

This workshop addresses how to identify, monitor, document and balance crucial information for the successful management of projects. It also covers the development of a baseline for the project that will allow the efficient compilation and the timely generation of performance comparisons.

Managing Complex Programs

Programs are setups, managed and operated to produce benefits for the government, society, environment and individual beneficiaries. They establish operations units or organizations that sustain operations far after the programs are over. Often, programs do manage change and transform existing organizations to cope with the expectations of their beneficiaries.

Digital Leadership Specialist

Leaders are aware that adopting digital is now a necessity and that yesterday's success no longer guarantees tomorrow's performance. Leaders are asking the critical question, "How do we adopt digital?"

Integrated Frameworks

The phenomenon of business silos and integration widely exists in numerous organizations and across multiple industries, especially between demand pipeline and supply pipeline business units. The lack of integration and collaboration causes organizations to lose on poorly estimated projects, where the scope of work in not clearly identified.

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Project Engineer 

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