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Digital Transformation 1 day Masterclass

"It's not about having a digital strategy, but a strategy for the digital world."
~Robin Speculand

Workshop Overview

A Pathway to Digital Transformation Success...

A Playbook for Digital Transformation Success

Discover the secrets for digital transformation. This absorbing, informative and enlightening Masterclass consists of exclusive insights, best practices, and stories. It is oriented toward leaders seeking a practical framework in digital transformation, techniques and secrets to succeed where two-thirds of organizations are failing.

During the Masterclass, you will build and develop the playbook for your organization's digital transformation as you learn what works and the biggest mistakes being made by other organizations. The course includes the Harvard-listed university DBS case study (co-authored by Speculand) and two pre-course assessments.

Delivered over approx. 21 hours, either in-person (classroom), or live virtual instructor-led (VILT) Training. The in-person delivery method is HIGHLY recommended.

Content is available only in English.

Learning Objectives

During the masterclass, participants will be able to learn the following:

  1. Learn lessons from early adopters of digitalization, mini case studies, examples, stories and videos
  2. Initiate the design of your digital roadmap so you can act on it when you return to your office
  3. Identify new opportunities to remain competitive
  4. Identify how to become excellent in execution by adopting each of the eight essential areas of the Implementation Compass™
  5. Learn the different components of becoming a digitally driven organization based on The Ticking Clock© Model
  6. Understand what digitalization means to your business
  7. Discover why 84% of digital executions fail
  8. Assess your position on the digital maturity model

Master Your Skills in Digital Transformation

The program is designed for Middle to Senior Leaders, Executives and Managers. The lead trainer was an early adopter of digital transformation.
In 2014 he was working with the world's best bank and the world's largest luxury company and he noticed that the challenges involved in digital transformation were even more complex than previous strategy implementations. This led him to pivot to identify what needs to be done to overcome these key challenges.
In 2019 he published the white paper Transforming Your Company into a Digital-Driven Business and launched the Ticking Clock® model to guide leaders through their digital transformation journey. The model highlights the required three strategic stages and 11 operational steps (as shown in the figure)

Why You Should Attend

  • Determine the speed your organization needs to implement its strategy
  • Use the Digital Maturity Index to identify your place on your digital journey
  • Learn best practices and success secrets from around the world
  • Receive a model to guide your whole organization to success
  • Understand and avoid the most common mistakes in digital transformation

A Great Set of Tools

The Digital Maturity Index®

The Ticking Clock® Model

Digital Speedometer®

Digital Leader Mindset

Digital Transformation Action Plan

Digital Transformation Success Tips

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