Recovering Troubled Projects

"Less than 10% of mega projects succeed in realizing their objectives, and they often exceed set budgets, durations and face quality, risks and stakeholder issues. "

The good news is that two-thirds can be recovered properly by addressing a specific methodology where the investment is checked at both strategic, tactical and operational level for the feasibility and viability of recovery action plan. 

Once decided, the recovery is carried on by a group of international experts with seasoned knowledge of both mega project management and the relevant subject matter. Once the project is back on track, the support team will hand over either to the original team, after fixing missing capabilities, or a new team is established to continue the work until completion.

Recovering troubled projects engagements vary in size and length, based on the scale, complexity, phase and types of issues that faced the project, and could be concluded over two phases; strategic and feasibility check, followed by a practical action plan.

Two-thirds of troubled projects can be recovered.

The good news is that the same statistics show that 75% of all troubled projects can be recovered - this is almost half of all of our projects, conditioned we attempt to recover them properly...

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