Managing Successful Programs - a PgMP® Approach

"Program Management is:
'the action of carrying out the coordinated organization, direction and implementation of a dossier of projects and transformation activities (i.e. the program) to achieve outcomes and realize benefits of strategic importance to the business'."

Workshop Overview

Programs are setup, managed and operated to produce benefits for the government, society, environment and individual beneficiaries.

They establish operations units or organizations that sustain operations far after the programs are over.
Often, programs do manage change and transform existing organizations to cope with the expectations of their beneficiaries

Workshop Content

During the workshop, participants will be able to learn the following:

  1. Formulate sustainable operations of successful programs
  2. Customize program benefits management plan
    according to the required objectives
  3. Learn to setup an appropriate program life cycle
  4. Propose program governance that aligns to government or corporate strategic initiatives
  5. Develop a generic but adaptable "general" program management roadmap
  6. Establish program management office
  7. Apply acquired knowledge through hands-on activities, exercises & discussions using a variety of case studies

Detailed Outline

The below are the main outline of the workshop:

  1. Program Management Framework
  2. Introduction to Programs and Program Management
  3. Program Management Performance Domain
  4. Program Strategy Alignment
  5. Benefits Management
  6. Program Stakeholder Engagement
  7. Program Governance Framework
  8. Program Lifecycle
  9. Mapping of the Program Life Cycle to Program Supporting Processes
  10. Program Definition Phase
  11. Program Benefits Delivery Phase
  12. Program Closure Phase
  13. Program Management Supporting Processes

Who Should Attend

The workshop is targeted to experienced Project Managers, Program Managers, HR and Senior Managers, Managers transitioning into program management, Benefit Managers, Strategy Managers and Directors.

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