The Integrated Frameworks

A Practical Masterclass الأُطر المتكامِلة للمؤسّسات 

Seven Frameworks for Managing Value, Governance, Delivery, Process and Skills

Masterclass Overview

Companies and individuals do not succeed by chance. 

It requires collaboration and smart integration between several entities within in order to succeed and reach their optimal benefits.

The phenomenon of business silos and integration widely exists in numerous organizations and across multiple industries, especially between demand pipeline and supply pipeline business units. The lack of integration and collaboration causes organizations to lose on poorly estimated projects, where the scope of work is not clearly identified.

Detailed Outline

Below are the main outline of the workshop:

  1. Integration: How Operations and Projects Achieve Vision 
  2. Seven Frameworks for Managing Value, Governance, Delivery, Process and Skills
  3. Governance | Value-Based Selection and Direction
  4. Delivery - Portfolio of Projects and Programs
  5. Systems - How to Process, Skills and Tools
  6. The Integrated Life Cycle Management Framework
  7. The Ten Structures of Organizational Excellence

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